Welcome to BitFlicks

Join a Clique to collaborate on unique movies with film makers from around the world.

What's so awesome about it?

You don't have to put together a huge cast and crew. We automatically match you up with others so that you can create your movie quickly.


Instead of having to put together a cast and crew, let BitFlicks do that automatically so you can focus on the important part: making your movie.


Each movie you make has its' own "Studio" so you can create your movie and collaborate with your cast. Imagine having your own Hollywood Studio at your disposal!

Share with
the World

Every movie you create is posted on our public feed, YouTube & Vimeo channels, as well as shared on various social media sites. You will also have access to links and widgets to share your movies with the world!

Who's behind this?

A team of hard-working entrepreneurs and film makers who made this idea a reality.

Feel free to contact us

Do not hesitate to drop us a couple of lines. We would love to hear from you!


(215) 555-1212

We are always looking for interesting people to join our team.
This is a pro bono company. We will always be 100% free. We are a handful of film makers, technologists, musicians, artists, and we are here to change the film industry for the better.